An Authentic, Fresh Chandigarh Escort For Gentle Clients Only

confidence and amazingly beautiful looks. I am Diljeet Kaur, a young and Fresh Chandigarh Escort. My carefully selected lingerie is enough to make any man, hot under the color. I just make sure that my dresses, personality, behavior, everything works, which further magnifies my sex appeal. One of the most important issues surrounding escorting or Chandigarh Call Girls profession is the stigma that is attached to it. When I was studying, I felt that entering this career could be uncomfortable or ashamed for me but later I found it as simple as any other service provider. And now I am unashamed and have embraced my new career, which I am finding lucrative.

Fresh Chandigarh escort

I am self-assured to make Independent Chandigarh Escorts decisions, which is an important virtue in this profession. If my client is not local and wants to try the best restaurant in the city, I will take him to the appropriate place. If he wants me to be in control of the situation, where we will be going for the evening, I don’t scare to have the final say. It is also important for me to judge the situation correctly and decide accordingly. Even, if my client likes to control, what is going on, I allow that to happen. I am not only beautiful but well-educated and intelligent too. I am well aware of the escorting etiquettes and don’t disclose or discuss any clients’ information with any other visiting clients. I also keep away from the private life of the client, unless he himself shares it with me. I have a lot of patience and do not poach on others’ clients.

But I am picky in client selection and allow only those, who are gentle, decent, and kind. Thus, I pick the clients, I like. I set my own rates and also the days, I want to work. I am a professional companion, who caters to refined gentlemen seeking much more than a cute face and elegant body. And nobody knows better than me. I am an upmarket professional, providing my services to the most affluent and refined gentlemen in luxurious hotels. Unlike other Fresh Chandigarh Escort in the adult industry, I don’t promote myself via tasteless and demeaning photographs. I don’t get my images clicked in various states of undress or market of my physical attributes only. I promote myself only to the gentlemen, who look for an authentic and a fresh woman i.e. a real woman. My clients look for a young lady for whom escorting is not a full-time career.

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